Modern Languages Unit

School of Foreign Languages Modern Languages Unit (MLU) houses and coordinates thirteen language programs: Armenian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish.

With its distinguished faculty members who are language experts in their field, MLU provides language training to students of all departments.

French, German and Spanish Units are the three major programs which offer a language certificate to students who complete minimum 21 credits* (7 language courses) with an average of 2.5 of which 1 course has to be in 400 level. After attaining a certain level of language proficiency, students can choose courses in translation, literature, culture and civilization.

While students develop both linguistic and cultural awareness throughout their foreign language education, their acquired language skills help them gain a genuine international perspective on cultural, political, social and global issues.

In brief, studying Modern Languages enables our students to read, write and speak the target language with proficiency, as well as understand the social and cultural characteristics of the countries in which these languages are spoken natively.

*Non-credit and pass courses (NC/P), which are not included in students' GPA, count toward 21 credits.

Coordinator: Pınar Pektaş Madra